Pure ESG Europe Fund

It is the investment objective of Pure ESG Europe Fund to achieve capital gains on the medium or long run by way of investments made according to the principle of risk diversification in equities and other investments.

The fund invests its assets directly in equities and securities of companies that are based in or carry out the predominant part of their economic activities in Europe, and which have been assessed to be sustainable on the basis of environmental, social, and governance criteria, so that they follow the principle of “sustainability”. The basis of the investment strategy is formed by fundamental balance sheet analysis and company valuation. In selecting equities, titles are avoided that violate general ESG criteria, UN Global Compact principles, and/or supplementary ESG criteria specific to this fund.

It is the main objective of the fund to achieve capital gains on the medium or long run. The fund is actively managed and does not orient itself at any benchmark. The income remains in the fund and increases the value of the units (reinvestment). The fund is suitable for investors with a long-term investment horizon.

More information on our Pure ESG Europe Fund CHF and Pure ESG Europe Fund EUR can be found at IFM (Independent Fund Management AG).

Pure ESG Europe Fund