The investments we make for you are truly safe, responsible, future-oriented, and sustainable.

Our investment portfolios are characterised by economic, environmental, and social objectives and are in line with strict environmental, social, and governance criteria. With a special effect: By complying with social and economically sensible parameters, risks from non-sustainable investments are excluded.

Review pursuant to ESG

Based on the 17 goals for sustainable development as political objectives of the United Nations (UN)*, we review potential investment positions pursuant to ESG before finalising them.

Main factors to assess sustainability and the relevant risks of an investment position


  • Air, water and soil quality
  • Carbon / climate
  • Clean water
  • Ecologic balance / biodiversity
  • CO2 emissions and climate change
  • Energy efficiency
  • Growing scarcity of natural resources, e.g. lack of water
  • Waste management


  • Human rights
  • Working conditions and standards
  • Education
  • Gender equality
  • Exclusion of child and forced labour


  • Independence and control of the board of directors
  • Good practice and transparency
  • Remuneration of management
  • Shareholders’ rights
  • Management structure
  • Corruption
  • Treatment of whistleblowers