Attractive all round

Liechtenstein has firmly established itself as a sound business location with the highest density of enterprises on a small area – right in the centre of Europe. EEA membership since 1995 has created free access to the markets of 27 countries in Europe with around 450 million people. Liechtenstein is integrated with all international and European standards, and its high-quality service providers ensure high competence and long-standing experience with direct access to experts from all German-speaking countries. Be it by FINMA, by tax agreements and cooperations, or by exchange of information as an early adopter – the Liechtenstein financial centre is internationally integrated and anchored, and it is secured by suitable international treaties. Innovative ideas are supported by the State – the Office for Financial Market Innovation and Digitalisation creates opportunities and sustainable growth.

Secure with Number One

The history of Liechtenstein is unique and special; today, this small country – a constitutional hereditary monarchy on a democratic-parliamentary basis – is among the richest and most industrialised countries in the world. Sovereignty is carried both by the Prince and by the people. The customs and currency union with Switzerland, which has existed since 1924, secures market access to this neighbouring country. Liechtenstein stands for political continuity and economic stability, and as a result of its comprehensive legal certainty serves as an example to other financial centres.

The tax environment for companies is very attractive. A uniform income tax rate of 12.5% covers everything for Liechtenstein enterprises. Business-friendly Liechtenstein company law offers not only the usual public limited company / corporation but also additional options for founding companies in different legal forms: foundations, protected cell companies or trusts. To support innovation, a new legal form has been created, the Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative, which is particularly suitable for financial market innovations.

On the right side

Liechtenstein was one of the first states to early commit to the applicable international standards on transparency and tax cooperation and pursues a clear strategy of tax compliance – see the Liechtenstein Declaration and the Government’s financial centre strategy declaration. The country takes an active part in the relevant bodies of the OECD and the Global Forum and is a recognised partner of the international community. At the same time, Liechtenstein protects the lawful interests of the financial centre’s clients, such as the right to confidentiality and privacy. With the help of double taxation agreements, it makes a stand for unified rules and thus generally for the prevention of double taxation of income from border-crossing activities. The Principality of Liechtenstein is stable and sovereign, and its financial centre is assessed by the entire financial community as being transparent, secure, and professional.

Packed innovative power

Liechtenstein being an attractive business location and a strong financial centre, it is here that innovation and growth enter into a strong symbiosis, enabling the country to have future-oriented economic growth. A unique innovation framework created by the State ensures attractive framework conditions for furthering innovative ideas and technologies. These are supported, developed, and optimised on a continuous basis, and high quality is ensured. By enacting comprehensive rules on blockchain technology, Liechtenstein was the first country worldwide to lay the foundation for a digital financial centre as the legal basis for the legal certainty of innovative companies, their users, and as protection for their clients. Efficient public authorities and openness towards creative developments create a stable basis for the growing success of Liechtenstein as a financial centre.

To the future

Sustainable investments are becoming a personal agenda for more and more investors, and a different way to handle money; similarly, philanthropic financial products for charitable purposes are undergoing a period of transition. According to the *Global Philanthropy Environment Index, the Principality of Liechtenstein is the best location worldwide for charitable foundations and philanthropic commitment. In the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index for 2020, Liechtenstein achieved 12th rank among 180 of the most sustainably competitive countries worldwide, which makes it one of the most innovative and sustainable places in the world. Traditionally, values like taking responsibility and commitment for sustainability are held in very high esteem in the financial centre of Liechtenstein and are practiced through various activities, initiatives and special niche products and investment forms such as Socially Responsible Investments. In addition to economic aspects, these also take into account environmental, ethical, governance, and social aspects. New approaches in charity are shown in the field of Venture Philanthropy – an approach in philanthropy that follows predominantly entrepreneurial principles. 

Based in the financial centre of Liechtenstein and being the only licensed enterprise with business locations both in Liechtenstein and in Switzerland, we are excellently secured by the financial centre regulations based on the EU Directives as well as by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority, which is internationally integrated and recognised.

Additional information on Liechtenstein as a financial centre can be found online at Liechtenstein Finance.