Hornet Infrastructure Water Fund

It is the main objective of this fund to achieve a long-term overall performance that is as high as possible in connection with adequate risk.

The fund is actively managed and does not orient itself at any benchmark. To achieve the investment objective, it is intended to invest the fund’s assets under the principle of risk diversification predominantly (at least 51%) in equities and securities (shares, cooperative certificates, participation certificates, preferred shares, equities with warrants, etc.) of companies worldwide that work in the field of infrastructure with a focus on the water sector. The securities must be traded at a stock exchange or at another regulated market that is open to the public.

Investments are selected on the basis of a traditional, value-based analysis, focusing on a fundamental “bottom-up” analysis of various individual titles and the financial situation of the individual titles. The fund may use derivative transactions to secure asset positions or to achieve a higher increase in value. Within this framework, the selection of the individual asset items is up to the asset manager.

The income of the fund is distributed. Investors may generally demand the redemption of units from the management company on each trading day. However, the management company may suspend redemption if this is deemed necessary as a result of extraordinary circumstances for the benefit of the investors’ interests. This fund is suitable for investors with a long-term investment horizon who strive for exposure in the field of infrastructure with focus on the water sector.

More information on our Hornet Infrastructure Water Fund can be found at IFM (Independent Fund Management AG).

Hornet Infrastructure Water Fund

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